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A proposal for ccfound:
As we know, ccfound has not achieved the expected returns so far. For this reason, I think there should be some innovations to increase revenue on the platform. I don't know if it is technically and legally feasible, but I have the following suggestion
Since Ccfound is a knowledge platform and offers the possibility to earn money with your knowledge, individual quizzes can be organized and sold on the platform. For example, a user can buy a quiz for 10found or 10$. This user would be asked 10 multiple choice questions in a row from a predetermined category of his/her choice, and if he/she answers all of these questions correctly, he/she would be rewarded with, for example, $15 or another amount depending on the difficulty level of the questions according to the rules set. If any question is answered incorrectly, the contest ends and the user loses his/her initial money. So a kind of online individual "who wants to be a millionaire" contest is organized. Each user is allowed to participate in a limited number of contests of the same category per week or month. Of course, different rules and details can be developed. I think this could be an innovation to increase revenue. It also fits ccfound's mission of monetizing knowledge. Si what do you think?

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