Tokend distrubition and ccfound portal revenues

One of the most important reasons why I became a Ccfound investor was that the project offered passive income. I guess there were many investors who thought like me. The project distributes 25% of its 25% income from materials such as paid questions, seminars and training to ccfound token holders. Although not regular, tokend distribution is made for this purpose approximately 1 in 2 months. However, when I look at the last 3 tokend distributions, the amount I received as an investor is decreasing. However, as the project progresses, the expected revenues should increase, so the amount of tokens distributed should also increase. Since there is no detailed information about the amount of income or the calculation of the amount of tokens distributed, when I make calculations based on my personal investment, I reach the following results. There is about 7 weeks between the last 2 distributions. I calculate that the tokend value distributed in this period is about 75$. According to this, the portal's income should be around 1200$ in this period. (I would appreciate if the project team corrects me if I am wrong) This amount is expected to increase with each distribution, but it is decreasing. Where do you think the problem is? How can revenues be increased? Considering that the bull season in the crypto markets is about to start, and even started according to some, what are the ways to generate more revenue with 4 months left until the listing? What do you think about this?

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