Do you strugled to make money with Bitcoin?

It is not difficult to distinguish people who are in profits from Bitcoin and those who are in loss without knowing their individual investment strategies and the current market conditions. However, there are some general tips that can help investors maximize profits and minimize losses:

  • Have a profit-taking strategy: Knowing when to enter and leave markets to maximize profits and cut losses is a well-kept trick in the book of successful crypto trading(Buy low e.g. bought at $25,645.00 with $1000.00  btc e.g. worth 0.001983 , then a week later price goes' up to $26,713.00 your action must be taken here if price turns back Sell high the whole 0.001983. Then look for another entry point below $25,645.00 with that $1000.00, now price go up to $25,987.00 sell high again the whole btc worth $1000.00 repeat this process you will make money. You can also consider taking your earning to a stable coin USDT or USDC.  E.g. by selling btc worth $1000.00 you earned $10 on top of your $1000.00, now you need to sell $10 worth of btc once it's soled you will save your earning to stable coins as mentioned above).  
  • Consider reinvesting earnings: Instead of spending all your earnings on depreciating assets, consider reinvesting your cryptocurrency earnings in other business and investment opportunities
  • Use profit/loss indicators: Some cryptocurrency exchanges offer profit/loss indicators that give investors valuable insight on the gains (or losses) they would get if they sell certain cryptocurrency at a certain moment
  • Understand the risks: Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative, and it is important to understand the risks involved before making an investment
  • Differentiate between realized and unrealized profits: Realized profits are gains that have been realized by selling an asset, while unrealized profits are gains that have not yet been realized because the asset has not been sold

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