Buying BTC/ETH on Revolut


I want to ask if anyone has already bought BTC or ETH on Revolut. If so, what is your opinion? From what I've seen the price is not bad at all. I know we do not buy a physical BTC but only exposure and we cannot send it to a external  wallet. However, I am interested in buying BTC or ETH (rather BTC) on a regular basis for 50-200 GBP per month and there is no point in going to the exchange for such a thing. I want to accumulate capital over a period of time, a year maybe.

Unfortunately, I don't have a friend who could sell me BTC directly, I was looking at MyCellium but I don't know how it works. Especially as I mentioned before, I don't intend to put thousands of pounds into it at once, only small monthly purchases, but still more profit from it than from our beloved banks. 

I'm asking for your advice. I can safely say that I'm a newbie in crypto. I've been reading a lot  for 2 years now and I still want to get into it and I can't decide where to buy. I have an account on the CoinBase but frankly I don't get such a big screen though I am a programmer which should be readable for me. I'd be happy to give an offer to buy at some price and wait for somebody to sell me. What do you think?


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