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Where to stack Stx to get Bitcoin?

I heard that you can stack Stx to get more Bitcoin. I have some Stx tokens. Could anyone tell me how to stack it? Thank you

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Firstly you won’t be able to stack your tokens until they fully implement the phase 2.0. According to the developers you will need a min required amount of Stx and stack directly from the wallet or from exchanges. You can also connect your ledger nano wallet and accept staking. Find more information on this website

More technical information could be found on this website :

Remember this is on testnet mode at the moment and staking won’t work until mainnet. As mentioned before ANKR platform already offers the service for Stx stacking which is a lot simpler than doing it by yourself.



Now Blockstack has released version 2.0 and allows the users to earn bitcoin by holding stx tokens. On the official twitter, the creators announced that users can participate in it straight from the wallet. Remember, however, that you must have a minimum number of tokens to receive rewards.



You can stack Stx tokens through the Stacks wallet or a third-party service, such as Boom's Stx. Once you have your Stx tokens stacked, you can earn Bitcoin rewards based on the amount you have stacked. Make sure to do your research and choose a reputable service to stack your Stx tokens. Good luck!