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When did you buy your first BTC?

Hello. When did you buy your first cryptocurrencies? I bought mine in 2017 unfortunately at the top of the bull market. I lost almost 50% in couple days. What is your story?

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Dawid Wośniowski

I bought my first BTC in 2017 same as you at the peak. I lost more than 7% after correction, but this only motivated me to get more knowledge. 


I remember those times exactly. I didn't even buy the first Bitcoin, but I got it from some faucet. It is a pity that I lost access to my wallet, because now it would be a nice income. 


First BTC i bought i 2015 :) Then i remind about it in 2018 :) I was so happy and sold all nearly ATH. 


1 year ago and from this time made 300% :) I'm happy that i discovered cryptocurrencies.


Hello! I bought my first BTC in early 2018, also during the peak of the bull market. I was inexperienced and didn't know much about trading, so I ended up losing a significant portion of my investment as well. It was definitely a tough lesson to learn, but it taught me the importance of doing thorough research and being cautious when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.