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Which cryptocurrency exchange is the best choice right now?

Hello. Which cryptocurrency exchange is the best for you? I am looking for one with small fees, wide range crypto pairs and projects and most importantly, I'm looking for the most secure place to trade. Can you help me with that guys? Thank you in advance.

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  Hi cryptoboy I personally use Binance as my main exchange because they have a multiple choices of tokens and cryptocurrencies. They also have a lots of benefits for users. For those who hold a Binance tokens they have a 50% discount on fees. To be honest I don't know any safest exchange than Binance this is because they are allocating a portion of fees onto the Safe account which are used in event of hack to cover the users losses.  

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  I use Kucoin to buy crypto, they have a very friendly interface with the variety choice of tokens and cryptocurrencies. I never have a problem using their platform they have multiple layer of security. Also if you hold a Kucoin token you will be paying less fees and you will receive bonus every day.


I highly recommend Binance. There is a lot of features and trading pairs, very quick and good support, good reputation and low feed. I never found better centralized exchange so far.

Dawid Topolski

For me, the best exchange is Poloniex, which is rated as one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It allows exchanges in as many as 80 different cryptocurrencies and 363 pairs. On this market, however, you cannot buy bitcoin and other currencies with traditional (fiat) money. However, this exchange is primarily intended for those looking to invest in other, less popular virtual currencies.

The way of making transactions on the Poloniex is important. For example, if a client wants to buy Dash for BTC (DASH/BTC) and doesn't have any other cryptocurrency in his wallet yet, he should buy bitcoin on other exchange and then send it to his private wallet address on Poloniex (it can be found in the Balances - Deposits & Withdrawals tab). Then the client clicks Deposit next to the selected cryptocurrency. The client can transfer virtual coins from BitBay in the My Account -> Withdrawal tab.

Due to its very large range of cryptocurrencies and simple and clear interface, Poloniex is good for exchanging more exotic cryptocurrencies paired with bitcoin. However, the inability to buy bitcoin on this exchange directly is a drawback for many people using this platform, so it is not always rated positively.


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In my opinion, Binance is currently the best cryptocurrency exchange. It offers low trading fees, a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs and projects, and has a strong reputation for security. I highly recommend checking it out for your trading needs.