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BTC Halving Expectation

with the bitcoin halving expected to be this month, please help me decide whether I will sold my assets before or after the halving?

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Przemek Gradzik

Rather, no one will undertake to take responsibility for advising you whether to sell or not, because it depends on various factors such as your risk tolerance, the percentage of capital invested in crypto, how much you have in btc/eth, and how much in other altcoins... Personally, I would not sell after such drops, even though further declines are possible.

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The race of Bitcoin is not over. There is just a small correction to get through. Everything always depends on one's own strategy and when they entered. If one is panicking, they shouldn't invest in such assets. Look at the Bitcoin chart/monthly chart and its RSI position... There is a correction. If the strategy should be to sell and re-enter, then yes, one could consider selling and entering at a lower level. If it's about holding, then it's unnecessary to talk about it. No one can look into you except yourself. Halving injects more momentum into the Bitcoin price.


I will say this. I do not sell because I have almost absolute certainty that the price will skyrocket after the halving. The price of BTC may drop by about 40% right after the halving, but then it will go up. This is my opinion and it is supported by several factors such as decreased BTC supply, the Bitcoin spot ETF which is buying huge amounts of bitcoins from the market, and I suspect that there may be a "hype" around BTC after the halving, where the so-called "street" will join the market.

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Taking into account the two previous cycles, the price should go up after the halving. The initial cycles should not be taken into consideration... I am looking at the matter optimistically. Good luck.

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The question is, what is your strategy? At what price did you buy and how much do you have? The market is ruled by greed and fear, so it is best to stick to certain assumptions and not exceed the assumed level of risk. Of course, it is hard to make a decision when there are many extreme voices around. What will be the final price of BTC? No one can give you 100% answer now. That's why initial assumptions are important and sticking to them is crucial. Let's say you bought x BTC at price y k$ and decided to wait until the ath level. After reaching this threshold, you sell some and observe. If there is a correction, you can buy more with profit from the first sale and sell again, for example after surpassing ath again. This way you recover the purchase cost and reinvest the profit. Whatever you do, you will probably eventually realize that you should have done it differently. It seems to me that it is better to sell half an hour too early than 5 minutes too late.

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Simple ask yourself what price will be good enough for you. set targets , set your strategy and stick to it


Personally, I believe that it is difficult to predict the exact impact of the Bitcoin halving on the market. Some traders may choose to sell their assets before the halving in order to secure profits, while others may hold onto their assets in anticipation of a potential price increase post-halving. It ultimately depends on your individual risk tolerance and investment strategy. I recommend carefully researching and considering the potential outcomes before making a decision.