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Are you satisfied with your investments?

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World of cryptocurrencies is ever-evolving and can be both exciting and rewarding for investors. However, it also comes with its own set of risks and challenges. It is important to thoroughly research and understand the market before investing.


Yes. I invested wisely and so far I am in the black.

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I'm happy with the plan I'm fulfilling and I make sure it stays the same way, hoping for the best in the near future


Overall, I have invested in 2 projects so far, but I am happy because I see growth. :)

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More than satisfied :)

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It varies. I am very satisfied with one, and not with the others, because I let myself get carried away and lost.

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Rather so. It is known that I have lost before and I would probably approach the matter differently now, but as they say, a person learns from their mistakes.

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I am in the positive but I am waiting with realization.

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I held onto some BTC from the previous cycle, learned more and bought more at the bottom. So far, I am experiencing very nice growth. In my opinion, it was worth investing time in education before putting money into the market :)

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My investments in crypto are at +150%. I have reservations about myself that I am investing in something I do not yet understand. I am in the process of getting to know this world and big thanks to Karol Kiełtyka for his guide, but I admit that I started investing without any knowledge, based on someone else's research. In my defense, I will add that my investments are at an acceptable level of risk, so any loss will not hurt me.

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generally yes because I didn't lose, but I learned firsthand that the saying "you fight by the lever, you die by the lever" has a lot of wisdom in it :) greetings

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