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In order for you to be able to buy all dips a weekly chart is the best in all asset in my opinion what do you have in mind?

BTC AND ALL ASSET. IF YOU DON'T KNOW THIS PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO JOIN Crypto Kings and Queens groups. But mainly focus on BTC you will be able to see exactly how I mean, what I mean.

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There is no such thing. Unless you are Nostradamus or you belong to the elite who control it. Generally, it seems to me that there is a group of millionaires or billionaires who simply agree among themselves when to sell or buy.

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I personally agree with the idea of using a weekly chart to buy all dips in all assets, especially in BTC. It allows for a longer-term perspective and helps to filter out short-term noise in the market. If you are unfamiliar with this strategy, I recommend joining Crypto Kings and Queens groups for more information and insights. By focusing mainly on BTC, you will be able to understand and implement this approach effectively.