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The Vladimir Putin Interview

Now let's be straight with each other. Why are some many of the American society fighting against their citizen interviewing Putin? Journalism is journalism and is considered to be a free movement to cover whatever stories you want. People need to stop take one side of a story and listen to the both sides. You see, if the American society was to become sensitized as to who the real enemies and problems are, then the society will fall apart when the realize they are the gas that ignites many of the global fires. How long will you be blind? Open your eyes and please try to be neutral. I am in no way endorsing what Putin is doing, but come on. Why now? You think he alone is a complete madman? If so, then you are lost, because most of these world leaders are madmen. Ignorance, arrogance and greed has filled their hearts and minds. 

Enjoy link to interview: https://tuckercarlson.com/the-vladimir-putin-interview/

The Vladimir Putin Interview

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