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Are airdrops really worth it?

I honestly don't care about airdrops at all... been in too many before and it's just a waste of time (for me). You're promoting and pushing a project to the public using your own network of people (which is marketing) for a chance to get 1 dollar or less worth of the token? Know your worth, and at least, know the project. Don't be too easily exploited.

Also, some people out here promoting scams masked as projects that is 100% going to rug in no time. Then turning and telling you "it's not financial advise" and "you should have known the risks". Be careful with this next bull run guys. Research and Invest in good projects that has made it through the bear market. E.g. We're on one of those projects now. @ccFOUND seems to have made it through the rough part. Let's see where it goes now. Another project worth looking at, (key word is looking) is Torum ($XTM).

beSmart #Research #Invest and #Enjoy the #BullRun with good #Projects

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