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Unfortunate Failed Project - The bitter sweet taste

Got a taste of another rug project a few days ago. Some says it's a unfortunate natural rug? Whatever that is, it took me out over $500. The project idea, current development, team and everything was solid. All of a sudden, money problems and now they can no longer pay the team and currently owing some stakeholders. Was always having AMA and weekly updates, and just like that... boom, it's over for now but they still gonna try to get some VCs and see how they can fix it. It's strictly financial issues. Right before the long awaited bull run... The fact is, having a project tied to a real work company is always difficult because the company needs finances to run and if the devs are employees with no real stake in the project and you're out of funds, then the devs will go on to find a new job to support their family. This is a risky approach. Tying decentralization and centralization together is never an easy task. Right now they are still trying for maybe a merger or acquisition to keep things moving. It's sad, but real. That project was wonderful and the idea still is. So what is it? It's Triall (TRL). See below brief overview taken directly from CMC.

About Triall

What is Triall (TRL)?

Triall is an end-to-end digital ecosystem of blockchain-enabled software solutions for clinical trials.

The project leverages blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and related technologies to make clinical trial processes tamper-resistant, and to enable secure and compliant connections between the many isolated systems and parties involved in clinical research.

Triall’s native TRL token enables access to ecosystem utilities, P2P compensation, governance, and community engagement.

The project is on a mission to accelerate the introduction of safe and affordable new vaccines and therapeutics into society by streamlining clinical trial operations.

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