What is ccFOUND?

About Us: ccFOUND is a multimarket for knowledge, an educational portal that allows you to gain information, knowledge and wisdom with unprecedented ease. The portal “uberizes knowledge”. Just as Uber unleashed the blocked potential of drivers willing to carry passengers, ccFOUND unleashes the potential hidden in the minds of experts in various topics. The portal combines the best features of media such as Quora, Facebook and even... Allegro. Uber allows you to quickly call a car that will pick you up and take you exactly where you need it. Now imagine a “Knowledge Uber” that will provide you with knowledge on how to solve your specific problem. No more googling, reading meaningless articles and poking through tons of topics and group posts. You get exactly what you are looking for with reference to your situation. How does it look in practice? Imagine a platform like Quora - but instead of questions and answers... problems and solutions. The latter are more accurate, more real, more moving. More practical, touching the topic of what is happening in your life, in your investments, in what you are really looking for. And then... imagine that all this content is part of a larger, organized knowledge base. You get questions and answers on each topic, sorted by the number of votes and weighted by the reputation of the writers. Simple, easy to understand for users. Knowledge library! Then imagine everything being translated into every language on the fly. In this way, we get a huge, international base of knowledge and wisdom - like a table of contents on any topic. And anyone can help anyone else, no matter what language they use. ccFOUND is a revolution in the search for knowledge and wisdom :) Tagging function - why is it, what is it, how does it work + court system: If you come across content that you consider spam or unethical (e.g. pornography or open promotion of communism) then in the right in the top corner of each question and answer you have three dots. Click there and select "Mark as" from the drop-down menu, then click why you are marking this post. If more people tag this post, then it will be flagged accordingly. When a large number of users report a given question/answer as inappropriate, the question will be marked, e.g. SPAM, and finding it on the portal will become impossible without a direct link. The author will automatically go to the judiciary system for a live person to check that he is not a spammer and that he does not post more similar content. If the author believes that the penalty was imposed unfairly, he has the right to appeal the decision to the court. You can read more about this in the FAQ "How the court system works". Just remember that ccFOUND is a place for free speech. Everyone has the right to have their opinions, and we do not censor the content that goes to the portal. All we can do is make them harder to find. Machine translations and user-proposed translations: ccFOUND will become a knowledge library for people of all nations and languages. That's why our website has an automatic content translation feature. Thanks to this, the question of an Italian can be answered by a Japanese, Brazilian, and Zambian. It is the first social media that allows communication across borders and divisions. A communication revolution that unleashes knowledge previously available only in selected languages. Because machine translation is inherently imperfect, users can request a live human translation. Thus, we make sure that important information is properly understood. Search engine and filters - what it is, how it works: The search engine allows you to quickly find the knowledge you need. For example, all you have to do is enter #cryptocurrencies #polska and all questions matching these criteria will pop up. Importantly, they will automatically sort themselves by relevance. At the very top you will see the most upvoted content, and thus the most universal and most needed for a person who just wants to get acquainted with the topic. If necessary, you can also change the search criteria and, for example, search only for the most popular content from the last week. Filters allow you to simplify your search even more. Sticking to the example, let's say you want to get to know about cryptocurrencies in Poland, but you are not interested in BTC and ETH. Just set the filter that you want to ignore entries about these two currencies and voila! You get exactly what you need. Tags - why it is, what it is, how it works: Each question asked has a place for three tags. This mechanism is designed to help you as the questioner get more answers. On the other hand, if you are looking for knowledge or want to share it, properly placed tags allow you to quickly get to the content that interests you the most. When creating a question, you can add three tags to classify the question. For example, #ccfound #wisdom #knowledge, and the search engine will automatically associate the content with these keywords and will not be displayed if someone enters #cccound #token #earning in the search engine. The use of tags is not mandatory, but it has a very positive effect on the portal and your reputation.


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