Amount of Bitcoin millionaires increased 150%

Glassnode shared a chart showing that Bitcoin's whale count skyrocketed as the largest cryptocurrency first broke $ 20,000 and then suddenly peaked at $ 22,000. The next barrier that Bitcoin quickly reached was $ 23,000. The number of BTC wallets has increased with a 1 million dollars to 150 percent. Glassnode reported that after Bitcoin broke the $ 22,000 threshold for the first time in cryptocurrency history, the number of wallets with at least $ 1 million worth of Bitcoin saw large parabolic growth. It jumped by as much as 150 percent and increased to 66,540 Bitcoin addresses. Glassnode's analytical team clarified that the rise in Bitcoin numbers turned all early Bitcoin miners into millionaires. More Big Institutions Enter Bitcoin In addition to the recent move made by MicroStrategy, which raised as much as $ 650 million from its shareholders to expand its Bitcoin holdings, other large companies and hedge funds have announced that they are also entering BTC. Among them is One River, with the intention to raise $ 1 billion in Bitcoin and in Ethereum next year, investment firm Ruffer, which will put over $ 740 million in Bitcoin, billionaire Glenn Hutchins and others.



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