69370 BTC moved from wallet for the first time since 2015

Yesterday an anonymous user pulled 69370 BTC (equivalent to $956,751,040) from a wallet that hackers have been trying to hack into for many years. Currently, the owner of this sum is the fourth largest bitcoin owner in the world.

The address from which almost one billion dollars in BTC was transferred is related to the Darknet Silk Road market. This one has been on the hookers' radar for a long time. It was closed in 2013 and has been virtually inactive since then. It is suspected to be the wallet of Ross Ulbricht, who is serving a life sentence for creating the Silk Road platform and computer hacking.

After entering the dark net and then the famous hacker's website, one could buy weapons, drugs and other illegal items. Payments were, of course, made at BTC due to their difficult tracing. Despite the verdict, Ulbrich still provides analysis of the Bitcoin market.

Another theory is to guess the key to the wallet.dat file, which was sold on several hacking forums and in theory has the same address. However, as the co-founder of Bitcoin Core, Matt Ward noticed the probability of guessing a private key, it is practically impossible.


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