Chinese schools are lagging behind the demand for blockchain

As the blockchain industry is growing rapidly across China, there are concerns that the academic sector will not keep pace with the demand for comprehensive, undergraduate, blockchain education programs.

The head of the Research Center for the Development of the Digital Economy at Beijing Communications University in China, Sun Daojun, said the first batch of "blockchain alumni" will start courses later this year and finish their studies in 2024.

In the context of the recent Baidu's Superchain whitepaper press conference, Sun told Mars Finance that China's blockchain industry is growing rapidly, but that the education sector is "seriously lagging" behind the growing demand for new specialists.

Chengdu Information Technology University, in March, announced the official start of the "Blockchain Engineering" undergraduate course. Enrollment is now complete and students are expected to start their studies in September.

On July 6, China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Market Surveillance Administration, and the National Statistics Office added nine new professions to the list of officially approved professions. These include "blockchain engineering and technical personnel" and "blockchain application operators".

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