Today's Movements in the Markets (06/04/2020)

The Stoxx Europe 600 index was down 0.7% since 10:26 AM London time.
The Nasdaq 100 index futures fell 0.3%.
The MSCI Index for the Asia-Pacific region recorded an increase of 0.3%.
The MSCI index for all countries of the world fell by 0.1%.
Bloomberg's dollar index jumped 0.3%.
The euro fell 0.3% to $ 1,1203.
The British pound fell 0.5% to $ 1.2516.
The Japanese yen weakened by 0.1% to $ 108.96.

The rate of return on 10-year government bonds in Germany remained unchanged at -0.35%.
British 10-year bond yields fell by one basis point to 0.265%.
Australian profitability rose five basis points to 1.0295%.
West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell 2.1% to $ 36.49 a barrel.
Gold appreciated 0.4% to $ 1,706.53 an ounce.


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