DCA vs Smart DCA, what do you choose?

I believe many of us are familiar with Dollar Cost Averaging, DCA but how about Smart DCA.

This thread is for discussion, and I am not concluding Smart DCA is actually Smart and better than DCA.  

I wanted to remind you about the concept of Smart DCA, purchasing BTC during corrections, when the price drops below the 1W-1M Realized Price.

This strategy works well during a bull rally and is much more effective than classic DCA.

A quick glance gives me that is a good strategy but if I look deeper, it is not actually smart.

By using Smart DCA, simply glance at it, we see entries are below 1W-1M Realized Price but we will miss days, weeks before price drops behind the Realize price (blue line) and miss chances to buy when price is even lower than the Green areas that are entries given by Smart DCA indicator.

Share your thinking about this strategy please.

Personally I see a traditional DCA strategy is better.

image - DCA vs Smart DCA, what do you choose? DCA vs Smart DCA, what do you choose?

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Smart DCA may overlook opportunities to buy at even lower prices than indicated by the Realized Price, missing out on optimal entry points.