CcFound has opportunity for collaboration!

I feel people are very driven to become expacts of their feild, generally or professional, some they just want quick stuff, everyone has their contributions of their lives. The biggest single point of failure is that if you have taken time to become a ccfounder( no matter what form and after that you sit on your sideline), then expect magic wheres you can contribute towards the platform either with yours skills of helping others through answering questions or creating something on marketplace, have groups to solve issues, expand business contact, just do a little bit of what you are good at, you are not helping yourself, you are helping others out there. Let's bring brilliant of ourselves. CcFOUND has given us a platform where you can write as much as you can either explaing or articles or course and many more why do you complain about the progress of this beautiful gift. 

A well-known platform's that everyone is participating like X you struggle to answer fully but here you can do that without hesitation. What else do we need? 

Your investment are well known and received also recognised, they will only work for you, only if the platform has moment with your contribution included. Yes, i don't take away that facts that ccFound team works to solve the problems or either make a point that the platform will be recognised in public, which I think, it is happening bit by bit. 

CcFound coin will go on exchanges then we still complaining about value of the coin, 

MAKE it work for you and everyone through you continue to contribute towards the platform build your audience do something, collaborate with other people, private and public make it work. 



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