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Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work?

Save up to 100,000 PLN and solve staff issues in your company. 

Weighing systems with unmanned weighing offer great benefits. Using automatic traffic management and license plate recognition cameras combined with a weighing system will accelerate processes and significantly improve management of vehicles entering and leaving the company's premises. It can also reduce long-term costs by eliminating the need to maintain weighing staff. This can result in savings of up to 100,000 PLN annually. See what solutions can be used to automate weighing systems. 

Automatic vehicle entry control. 

The basic solution for managing vehicle traffic at a weighing station is the installation of traffic lights. When a vehicle approaches the weighing station, the traffic lights indicate whether the driver should wait (red) or can safely proceed (green). Since all processes are fully automated, the next vehicle can enter as soon as the previous one is out of range, ensuring minimal congestion and delays. Additionally, automatically controlled barriers can also be used. 

Position sensors. 

To ensure that the vehicle is properly positioned, a series of sensors placed on the weighing system detect if the vehicle has stopped at the correct spot. The driver receives accurate information about when to stop using a separate lighting system (separate from the entry/exit traffic lights) or LED displays. License plate recognition. ANPR cameras placed at both ends of the weighing system, using special license plate recognition software, identify each vehicle. Vehicle recognition can be a condition for allowing access to the weighing system (traffic light, barrier). Then, weighing data is saved in a database and assigned to the specific vehicle. 

RFID cards. 

In addition to license plate recognition software, a system can also use individual RFID cards for each vehicle driver. When a vehicle enters the weighing system, the driver scans their card on the reader (without leaving the vehicle) to identify the vehicle and record the weighing data in the database. 

Weighing process. 

Once the weighing system detects that the vehicle is completely stable and all relevant information has been collected, the weight is registered for the vehicle data obtained by the license plate recognition system and/or RFID card. This information is then stored in the weighing software database, ready to be accessed immediately if needed. 

Automatic exit control. 

After registering all information and weighing, the signal light changes to green and/or the barrier is lifted, allowing the vehicle to exit the weighing system. The entire process from start to finish can take no more than a few seconds! Unmanned weighing systems can be installed on both new and existing weighbridges. We can tailor optimal solutions to different industries depending on each customer's requirements. 

Each system can be individually configured and equipped with custom add-ons to create the perfect tool for the customer and provide them with the greatest benefits. 

Savings of 100,000 PLN annually thanks to the elimination of the need to maintain two weighing staff (assuming the minimum wage in force from 01.01 2023).

image - Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work? Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work?
image - Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work? Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work?
image - Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work? Truck scales. How do automatic weighing systems work?

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