The Chinese mayor promotes blockchain as a way to fight crime

The mayor of Loudi, a city in China's Hunan province, has described blockchain technology as a powerful "weapon" that can effectively fight crime.

At a meeting of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Loudi on August 10, Mayor Yang Yiwen responded to reports of progress on the blockchain trial project that is currently being run by the office and a local tech company.

This project combines blockchain technology with big data multilateral computing to improve reliable data exchange and information tracking in a collaborative network.

This network connects telecommunications network operators, banks and public data from various city departments such as water and electricity.

During the meeting, officials from the city's public security bureau presented progress reports on the process, focusing on the potential of a blockchain-based system to combat illegal activity.

Technology company, Hunan Chain City Digital Technology Co. Ltd., announced the concept of the project and related problems, and presented a demonstration of the system in a prototype.

Yang Yiwen said blockchain technology, along with big data, could be used as a weapon to effectively fight crime. Both technologies can increase the accuracy, depth and scope of coordinated investigations, he said.

The mayor has pledged to actively seek further support for the project and to ensure that the city of Loudi is the first in the country to use blockchain as a crime-fighting technology.