The first cryptocurrency card in Mexico

Tauros, the Mexican cryptocurrency exchange, announced on August 4 that, as part of a partnership with Dash, it will release the region's first cryptocurrency debit cards. This card can be used at any shop that accepts visa cards and is only available to residents of Mexico.

Cryptocurrency fans in Mexico can now boast of having the region's first crypto debit cards - while having a new way to spend their money. Tauros, a local cryptocurrency exchange, in partnership with Dash, revealed yesterday the release of cryptocurrency debit cards,

The company also introduced features that allow you to spend Bitcoin, Dash and other cryptocurrencies anywhere that accepts visa cards. Recently, Visa and Mastercard have started supporting cryptocurrencies and digital money.

In a press release, Tauros said it had an agreement with Visa that allowed the company to introduce a debit card. For now, however, it will only be available to account holders who are either citizens or lawful residents of Mexico.