Hackers stole 371 thousand. dollars from the DeFi Odin project

Hackers managed to steal approximately $ 371,000 from DeFi Opyn users by exploiting a loophole in oTokenach, the project's internal token.

The makers of the protocol reported a loophole that allowed hackers to steal ETH contracts. Opyn's representatives assure that the rest of the contracts have not been affected.

Hackers exploited a vulnerability that allowed them to steal security measures provided by certain vendors.

While at least $ 371,260 has been officially stolen at the moment, that number is subject to change as the investigation progresses. The developers said:

"Since Opyn is an illegal and decentralized protocol, we can't cut off access to our contracts like many other protocols." Opyn says it will compensate disadvantaged users and has encouraged buyers of put options to buy their contracts 20% higher than the market price on Deribit.