Retirement - how to effectively be ready for it?

How to effectively plan your retirement? By effectively, I mean a situation where I go to it, for example, at the age of 50 (I am currently 35), so that I can enjoy life doing what I want.
I used to think that my retirement would be flats - I currently have 4 and that's 80% of my wealth. These properties are not encumbered with a loan. I am worried about the situation in Ukraine and I am not so sure that in 15 years this asset will pay me a fixed amount of money for my expenses.
I regularly accumulate:

  1. BTC
  2. Gold, silver.
  3. Other alts and startups like ccFound, Milky Ice, Btec - Polish Drones, oxygen lasts.
  4. shares of various companies
  5. bonds.

Despite this, every day I think about what else I can or should do to better secure my future and my family's.


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