Manifest ccFOUND

Warsaw, January 10, 2020

Between 2020-2022, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokens will gain widespread market acceptance, and the number of their users will increase at least tenfold.



  • Innovators - innovators
  • Early Adopters – early adopters
  • Early Majority - early majority
  • Late Majority - late majority
  • Laggards - Latecomers
  • The chasm - the abyss

At the time of writing this manifesto, blockchain has been around for 10 years. It is currently in the "early adopters" phase, just before the "precipice". This is evidenced by the fact that most blockchains and decentralized applications (dApps) are just prototypes of future solutions. Besides, only a small part of the population (0.5-2%) owns any crypto assets.

Bridging the gap between early adopters and early majority will not only make blockchain a widely recognized solution, but will lead to an increase in its use in everyday life. What's more, jumping the gap will make the number of users increase at least tenfold, as we have seen so far in all bitcoin bubbles.

This is a huge problem. The market will be constantly flooded with newcomers, most of whom will be trying to make money, but are exposed to fraud and information chaos all the time. They lack support when they encounter any difficulties; they act insecurely without clear and reliable guidance.

We have to take care of them.

Newbies have a hard time getting into the market because cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchain assets are technically complex. Blockchain is fundamentally different from traditional banking and logistics systems, but it represents a huge income opportunity, not only through short-term or long-term investments, but also through trading, freelancing, teaching, and other types of work.

However, cryptocurrencies and tokens carry, in addition to these opportunities, a huge risk of losing money, or falling victim to fraud and theft. It doesn't have to be that way.

Go to ccFOUND. A social platform that is NOT another crypto-facebook, youtube or twitter for anyone writing about anything.

ccFOUND helps you invest wisely by providing information in the most natural way we know it: questions and answers.

But unlike Quora or Stack Exchange, the questions need to be organized in a way from the most common questions asked by newbies first to the most specialized topics last.

It is specifically designed to help newcomers to the market and make wise decisions about how to engage in the cryptocurrency market in a way that aligns with their goals and requirements.

Experienced crypto-users will answer the questions asked by novices and gain reputation as a result. New leaders on ccFOUND will emerge and start monetizing their knowledge in several different ways, including publishing their own online courses, investment strategies, fundamental and technical analysis.

We encourage new users to stay on ccFOUND for a long time with a growing database of market reports, articles and news - all written by the community for the community.

Man does not live by cryptocurrencies alone. The main principle of investing is to diversify your assets. The goal of the ccFOUND community is to create the largest investment knowledge base - across asset classes - on the Internet. In this way, ccFOUND will become a huge channel for distributing information about everything related to investing - but it will be owned by its users.

ccFOUND will return its income to the community when users co-own and actively participate in the platform through DAOs and ICOs (which stands for "decentralized autonomous organization" and "initial coin offering").

“A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes referred to as a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) ... is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by shareholders and independent of government. The DAO financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on the blockchain” (source: Wikipedia)

ccFOUND not only teaches about investing and how to achieve financial freedom, but becomes an investment in itself for users and a way to become financially independent, allowing users to profit by participating in the profits of transactions in the DAO, as well as by publishing and earning on published content.

Implementation plan

Q4 2019:

  • An early vision has been developed.
  • Cryptography Research LTD elected project leader.
  • $100,000 of internal funding has been committed to the project.
  • A technical specification has been developed.
  • The name, logo and brand were created.
  • Manifesto written and revised.
  • A group of advisors / brand ambassadors was created.
  • The IT team hired to create the beta version.
  • Initial consultations with ambassadors.
  • Lawyers hired to create the bylaws.

I-II quarter 2020 (we are here):

  • Completion of the regulations that have been translated and published.
  • Alpha released.
  • The first users were invited to the closed alpha.
  • Content generation is currently promoted.
  • Feedback and suggestions for changes are analyzed.
  • Future DAO mechanisms are planned.
  • We develop an ICO and token economy strategy.
  • There are consultations with ICO advisers and the community.

Q3-Q4 2020:

  • The beta version will be completed and published.
  • The project will be released to the community as a decentralized DAO protocol.
  • Legal preparations for the ICO will be completed.
  • The ICO campaign will be run on a list of 25k+ cryptocurrency investors.
  • Official opening of the portal to a wider audience.
  • Further decentralization to evolve into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • Continuous development inspired and driven by the community.
  • The community will vote on the next milestones to be achieved.