Welcome to ccFOUND

Welcome to ccFOUND!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the manifesto, thanks to which you will have no doubt that this portal is just for you. The goal of the ccFOUND community is to create the largest database of knowledge, opinions and analysis on investments on the Internet - among all asset classes, but with a focus on cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, members of the ccFOUND community support each other in investment decisions and increase their savings. ccFOUND is like a cross between Quora and Wikipedia, but with an investment mindset. It is a social network for investors that will transform into a decentralized, autonomous organization and will soon become owned by the people.

ccFOUND is for you - after registration, anyone can publish content, but unlike other portals of this type, the added content must be approved by other users - also by you. Earn community trust and build your reputation by publishing content.

Read the short manual of the portal's functionality. After successfully registering your account, you get two proficiencies:

  • Publisher I - you can publish questions and news that must receive Community Approval before publication, as well as Comments that do not require Approval.
  • Accept - in the "New Content" tab, you can see the Content that has not yet been accepted and you have the option of Accepting or Rejecting it with justification. Thanks to this, the community cares about the quality of published content.

As an active user, you can also acquire new skills (skills are given by a moderator with the skill Give permission II). In order to check your fitness, click on your username (in the upper right corner) -> View profile -> Fitness tab. For now, take your time - start working on ccFOUND and earning a reputation, and you will definitely be noticed by the community, you will be invited to the next levels of involvement and you will gain new powers!

Each user has the ability to ask questions, answer questions, comment and add news, as well as add categories when adding new content.

You can ask a question or news by clicking on "Add question" or "Add news"

Complete the title, content visible to all users and only registered users. In the "Type" window, select from the drop-down list whether you are inserting a question or an update. In the "Categories" window, select the categories to which your question or news relates from the drop-down list. If there is no such category on the list, add a new one - enter its name and press Enter. Finally, click "Add content"

In the next step, other users vote. Voting lasts 24 hours from the first acceptance or rejection. Your content will be shared if you receive more approvals than rejections. In order to check the status of the content, go to the "My content" tab - on the right side you can see the status of the content.

Don't know why your question or update hasn't been published? You can check this by going to the rejected content and clicking on "Rejects" or from the notification level. There you will see the reasons for the decisions of people who rejected the content you added..

Take an active part in voting and decide on the quality of the shared content. When other users add a new question or update, you will receive a notification in the "New content" tab.

After going to "New Content" press "View" next to the content you choose - from this position you can accept or reject the selected question or news.

Please note that our new portal is still under implementation. We are constantly improving and supplementing it, so we ask for your understanding and patience. You can always report your comments to us by writing to [email protected] - we encourage you!

And now… welcome to ccFOUND! Ask your questions, answer the questions of others, discuss and exchange information in the first such place created especially for investors!

ccFOUND team