The current market situation (8.6.2020)

Important events this week:

  • New York City will begin reopening after the first day in March, with no victims of the coronavirus. The Netherlands and Belgium plan to open bars and restaurants.
  • ECB President Christine Lagarde attends Monday's European Parliament hearing.
  • The Fed will decide whether to raise interest rates. Officials are expected to raise the bid above zero.
  • The OECD announces its economic forecasts on Wednesday, i.e. a two-year analysis of the economic prospects of the member states.
  • Euro area finance ministers meet on Thursday to discuss the EU's recovery package and the succession of the Eurogroup presidency.

The most important movements in the markets:


  • The S&P 500 Index futures increased by 0.6% since 07:38 a.m. New York City time.
  • The Nasdaq 100 index futures rose 0.1%.
  • The Stoxx Europe 600 index fell 0.1%.
  • The MSCI index in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 0.7%.


  • The Bloomberg dollar index fell 0.1%.
  • The euro fell 0.2% to $ 1.127.
  • The British pound fell 0.1% to $ 1.2655.
  • The Japanese yen strengthened by 0.1% to $ 109.43.

Bonds .

  • The profitability of 10-year treasuries increased by one basis point to 0.91%.
  • The yield on 30-year government bonds rose by three basis points to 1.69%.
  • The yield on 10-year government bonds in Germany fell by two basis points to -0.30%.
  • British 10-year bond yields decreased by one basis point to 0.345%.


  • Brent crude oil fell 0.2% to $ 42.23 a barrel.
  • Gold appreciated 0.6% to $ 1,694.92 an ounce.
  • Iron ore rose 4.9% to $ 102.29 per metric ton.