Trump accuses China of the pandemic and exploiting the United States

Has China become the new enemy of the United States? It looks. Donald Trump in his speech accuses China of robbing and exploiting the US, violating international agreements and causing a pandemic.

The United States as a victim of the People's Republic of China

Donald Trump is known for his sharp statements, which have been the cause of many controversies more than once. This time, he openly accuses the People's Republic of China of, among other things, for theft, espionage and breaking international agreements. In addition, using the status of a developing country and thus benefiting from preferential treatment. He also accuses China of stealing American scientific and technical achievements and taking over American factories. It also announces the removal from information of all visitors from China who have been identified as posing a potential threat. Another issue raised by Trump is the autonomy of Hong Kong, which he believes does not exist. He argues that, therefore, Hong Kong should be treated as part of the Chinese state, with no existing privileges. This automatically involves changing all the agreements that the United States has signed with Hong Kong.

China responsible for the coronavirus pandemic

At the end of his speech, Donald Trump accuses China of allowing the outbreak of the pandemic by withholding information about the coronavirus and allowing Wuham residents to travel around the world, which caused the spread of COVID-19. He believes that both the citizens of the United States and the whole world deserve an explanation in this regard. At the same time, Trump announces the end of US cooperation with the WHO (World Health Organization), accusing it of being under the complete control of the Chinese.

Given the recent racial manifestos in the US, it is impossible not to ask whether the Americans have found a new enemy? Will China become synonymous with a modern terrorist who attacks by deception? Are we just witnessing the beginning of a war between the US and an Asian powerhouse? And finally, what role will Europe play in this conflict?