Samsung allows its users to purchase cryptocurrencies through the Gemini exchange.

Gemini Trust Co. began working with Samsung Electronics Co. to enable users to more easily trade and store digital assets on mobile phones. Samsung released the blockchain wallet in 2019. The app is designed to make it easier for customers to use distributed applications - dapps - such as blockchain-based games, which are essentially ledgers to ...

logging transactions. Gemini is the first cryptocurrency exchange to allow US and Canadian Samsung blockchain wallet users to view balances in the wallet app. Clients who wish to trade will be redirected to the Gemini mobile app and can start buying and selling with a single click. Users will now be able to view the balance of their accounts on the Gemini exchange, as well as transfer their resources to more secure so-called cold wallets.

The Gemini app will integrate with a blockchain wallet on phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series and Galaxy Z Flip.