Amazon has received a patent for a distributed system based on the DLT ledger

Amazon e-commerce and shipping company received a patent for a distributed ledger system (DLT) to prove the authenticity of consumer goods. The US Patent and Trademark Office approved "Distributed Book Certification" on Tuesday, May 26th. ..

The patent describes the use of DLT to implement "digital trust" from the first kilometers of a product in the supply chain to the last.

The Amazon system collects data from distributors, manufacturers and shippers in an "open framework" that builds the origin of the product in information databases. The data will be available to every entrepreneur and client. The system also enables producers, couriers or distributors to add data to a dispersed ledger after being registered at their certification office. Distribiuted Ledger Technology (DLT) is to protect data against changes, remove possible errors and ensure integrity and security.