Binance has launched a smart contract testnet on its chain

Binance published a white paper describing a new smart blockchain for smart contracts that offers a high-performance backbone for decentralized applications. It provides programmability compatible with EVM and native communication between the Binance chain using the innovative Proof of Staked Authority consensus

The new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will act as a smart contract tier running in parallel to the existing Binance chain. The new blockchain has a completely different consensus mechanism and is capable of faster transaction execution and block confirmation in the chain.

BSC is characterized by a consensus mechanism - based on the hybrid EOS Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority system

The BSC is designed to ensure the scaling of dapps while running on the high performance tier and also to be compatible with the Etherum network.

Linked tokens:

Bep2 / Mini-Bep2


Whitepaper Binance Smart Chain ( )