Skybridge plans to invest in cryptocurrencies

SkyBridge Capital, an investment company based in New York, intends to invest in cryptovalots. It has already submitted appropriate applications that will provide it with access to digital assets.

SkyBridge Capital was founded in 2005 by Anthony Scaramucci. The company includes SkyBridge G II Fund LLC and Skybridge Multi-Adviser Hedge Fund Portfolios LLC. The volume of assets managed by the company is estimated at 9.2 billion USD.

They have applied to the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Positive consideration will enable the investment company to invest in the crypto market or in companies supporting the ecosystem of digital assets.

Currently it is possible to speculate what the company will invest in, but Twitter user #kerooke pointed to SkyBridge's appeal to the regulator. It stated that they can invest in various types of cryptocurrencies not only Bitcoin and hold long or short positions in these assets. SkyBridge has no limitations on market capitalization or technological features of companies. According to the document, the company tries to have access to all forms of "digital assets". - even the most risky ones.

The entry of large investment companies into the Bitcoin market is one of the components that can help cryptocurrency climbing new heights. According to many experts, exceeding $1 billion of BTC's market capitalization can cause the digital currency to go up to $100,000 and above. The movement of SkyBridge Capital is important for the future of bitcoin. It can even be an incentive for other companies to enter the market.


18.11.2020 13:57