Buying Bitcoin under 18 age



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I am 16 years old and I would like to buy btc for about 100/50 USD and play with it on binance, especially in the current crisis situation when more and more people are using a currency whose value is not influenced by even the wrong decisions of some government. In fact, I was looking for a method to buy bitcoins without verification, because that's what it comes down to buying them under 18 years old. The best method is to use machines that I don't have access to through covid, and practically all websites (except of course those with doubtful reputation) require identity verification. Therefore - do you know any possibilities of buying btc without verification / someone is willing to trade p2p for USD? Don't get me down if the question is stupid, I'm still learning 
Thanks for any help :D

Karol Kiełtyka

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17.11.2020 11:55